Welcome to Helpibri!

Helpibri – that’s us. We are young, dynamic, open-minded, a little bit funky, authentic, different. Our motto is simple: “Helping to Help. Who ever tried to engage without expecting a material, ulterior motives, experienced how fulfilling is. What one gets in return is invaluable: a thankful smile, silent appreciation, a face full of gratefulness, an unexpected, deep friendship.

Helpibri, provides a platform that connects humans, companies and organizations. We encourage people to get involved and offer everyone a possibility to help according to their skills and personal strength. Our donations are based on financial support, goods and time donations . Another option to support our projects are our numerous events.

Next to our own projects in Germany, Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand, we collaborate with a few carefully chosen partners. There are already lots of NGOs that do great job – still, together we are stronger and it is easier to realize larger projects. Due to our world-wide network we are in a good position to coordinate the projects all over the globe.

Each project is designed to result in a sustainable and long-term change. On this occasion, respect and appreciation for the cultural and social characteristics of each country is our highest priority. Therefore we always work together with locals and respect the individual needs of the people involved.











Transparency and sustainability – those are the two of the most important aspects of our work.

Therefor we disclose all information about the utilization of the donations.

Our regularly updated blog informs about the progress of our individual projects, introduces the volunteers who stand behind Helpibri, states upcoming events and provides additional information about important topics.

In October 2017 we celebrate our first birthday. The developments of the past year exceeded all expectations - and this is only the beginning!