We are the Bang Up Crew. We dance with passion, we feel free when we listen to the music and move our body to the beat. In Nepal we are told that a job as a dance teacher or a dance crew has no future. We want to prove them wrong and would like to motivate other dancers to continue and show them, that there is a future in dancing. 

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

In the past 1 1/2 years, we had a hard journey. We couldn’t get a dance hall, because it was too expensive. We collected money from our performance and got support from our families to found our own dance school. Now we have the space to practice regularly and improve our skills. With the money we get from competitions we reinvest it in our dance school. Nobody can stop us! In the future, we want to increase the number of dance schools and have uncountable members. We are going to have many branches in many places of Nepal. We want to win all battles in Nepal and join international battles and make our country proud. We are friends who support each other. We are one family who save each other. Together we are strong and can make a difference. Together we are the Bang Up Crew.


In Nepal it is very difficult to pursue a dancing career due to non-existent platforms. We want to connect dancers in Nepal, help them in receiving professional dancing classes and procure performances. Therefor we help them to make their videos, find the right locations and provide a platform to get in touch with people around the world who share their passion

How to Helpibri

Dancing is a way to create new perspectives, to become confident and learn to control your body. It needs discipline and consciesness in order to work together as a team. Benjamin, the founder of White Lotus and Helpibri, knows what it is all about. He’s a passionate dancer himself and his crew White Lotus shares the passionate love for dancing of the Bang Up Crew. Join the Bang Up Crew in Nepal or the White Lotus Crew in Germany as a Member or a Coach.

here we are

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