United – Helpibri Music Video

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United - Helpibri Music Video

It´s time to drop the Helpifriki – OFFICIAL HD VIDEO:

We proudly present to you our latest international musical project. This can be seen as a symbol of the unification between nations, brothers and sisters all over the world. In just a short period of time we have gathered great supports from dancers, musicians all over the world from Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, America, Germany in order to make this video happen. With that being said, the music video was taken in different countries and made with pure passion, love and tolerance.

∆ Special thanks to Bang Up Crew and the Rapper Uddi Baba from Nepal

∆ Special Thanks to Dj Kamikatzi from Vietnam for producing the track
∆ Special Thanks to Diana Goldberg from Germany for dedicating her singing voice for the project
∆ Special Thanks to Jenny Wahlhausen for editing the entire video clip and filming amazing scenes in Hamburg
∆ Special Thanks to Na Rolski for filming high quality Videos for us with his kickass drone.
∆ Special Thanks to Benjamin Lu for creating this Project and bringing us together

∆ Special Thanks to Malee Pulz for gathering talented dancers ( Kik Somroop, Palmme Saisoda, Ulrina Petit ) and Cedric Aigner from Thailand and making amazing takes from different famous places in Phuket like the PSU University, Promthep Cape, Bangla Road…
∆ Special Thanks to Nadja Yang, her so called Fusian Dance Crew from Munich and her contacts from other countries for giving us great dance Videos: . Fusian Dance Crew: Cong Lin, Hai Nam Doan, Chang YenYu, Nastassja Halt, Nadja Yang, CaoSon PhamNgoc, Samantha Raymond, Sundaro Neth, Nhat-Tan Do, Li Mei Cao, Katharina Friedl (Munich, Germany) . Popvillon: Cong Lin, Sungmin Jang, Rex Geng, Chullhee Cho (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [UIUC], Champaign, Illinois, USA) . Melanie Tao from Yeolli DanceCrew (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) . Minh Pham [and Stefanie Wu] (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) . Brennen Wiley and Ronthagreat Reed (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) . Michael Lian (UIUC, Champaign, Illinois, USA) . Le Vu (Strassburg, France)
∆ Special Thanks to White Lotus Dance Crew from Hamburg for the dance Videos
∆ Special Thanks to Alvina Yurchenko, Nataly Schwenk, Milena Junge for helping us with your dancing talents

Rap Lyrics Translation:
I gotta move like jagger
Helpibri crew will make ppl flatter
Scatter moves we r adapter
We do travel craving new chapter
We dont care what other ppl say
This is our moves from music yo
Throw all tht grudges from inside yo
Just keep in ur head this vibe yo
Cz we are from uddibaba awesome gang yo
Doh we facing variation corrupted bang yo
Forget ever corrupted did
2faces with helpbri its german ngo
And we here to make u dance intense dawg
Intense in a sense not using tht offensive word
Life is roller coaster some time high low
Ripping this beat
Like mahadev rolling weed
Knowledge is something we seek
is what we belive
2faces with bangupcrew and helpibri

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