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Volunteer Management Nepal


2016 - Present

Wer bist du?

My name is Rohit Lama Tamang. I am 19 years old. I am a student of Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism. I am a member and also the staff of Helpless Colony. In my free time I like to play football and enjoy the time with my friends and family and like go to visit different adventurous places.

Me myself is grown up in the orphanage home though I got both of my parents who lives in the village “Jharlang”. The reason why I grew up in the orphanage home was, because the village where I was born is very undeveloped where there is very less possibilities of health services and the education institution even. 

There was not a facility of transportation and electricity for the peoples of that village. Therefore, my mom and papa sent me in the orphanage home in Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal for my education. There was a upset part of me that I have to leave my mom and papa but the happiness is that the orphanage home I grew up was not like an orphanage home, it is like own home for every child under the proper love and care from a single women. I got the love and care of my own parents from her. I never feel I was there alone though I am living with many different friends from different part of Nepal. Today I am very much proud of myself, that I am not only a child of Helpless Colony, but also one of the staff. I feel very lucky that every brother and sister call me big brother with respectfully in the way I love and care them. In my point of view the children are away, of getting their child right just because of two reasons that is: Very poor status of parents and parentless but it is not their fault to have poor parents and being orphans. Therefore my aim in life is to help these type of innocent children with good health facilities, education, food and shelter for their complete development. All this inspiration I got and learn from Mrs. Nanu Rai. She is the founder of Helpless Colony. It says till now nobody has seen the God, but says that the God do exist in good human’s soul and she is the one whose soul is blessed with God.

Was sind deine Stärken und Schwächen?

Stärken: I love it to use my communication skills in networking and use my teaching skills at school and village. Networking and get in touch with new people is also a strength of myself.

Schwächen: Sometimes I think too deeply about small and stupid things. Also I would like to increase my planning skills.

Was machst du bei Helpibri?

I help the foundation Helpibri with Volunteer Management and as a translator in Nepal. I am the first contact at the Helpibri-Nepal Project for Volunteers. Pick them up from the airport, bring them to the project, do some sightseeing and teach them culture and language.



Wieso bist du bei helpibri?

It’s a Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization which helps different people in different cast and different country, on different way and the work is very transparent. I was born in a poor family and was lucky to grown in a Non-Government Organization. I am happy about it to get a chance like this. I want to be a part of something to change, to support and help.


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